Internal control system

Increasing digitalisation in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements requires a continuous and critical assessment of the processes (including algorithms built into consolidation software) and the effectiveness of your ICS.

On behalf of the Audit-Committee, the Chief Financial Officer or the Auditor, we have reviewed the IT-based group financial reporting ICS at numerous groups. Our standardised program enables us to assess your ICS in an efficient and structured manner.

Our detailed and clearly structured review allows the recipients of the report to issue directives regarding the enhancement of their ICS.

Based on our results, the Auditor is able to define specific procedures during the planning of the audit.

Your benefits:

  • Improved reliability of your financial group reporting
  • Systematic assessment approach leading to meaningful results
  • Basis for recommendations to enhance your ICS
  • Early detection of non-compliance with applicable laws and other regulations
  • Cost reduction opportunities for preparation of consolidated financial statements resulting from the implementation of proposals for processes optimization


Brochure internal control system

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