Group Financial Reporting Design

You need

to set up or enhance your group reporting system to meet legal requirements, accounting standards or a structural reorganisation.

We support you

with setting up or enhancing your group reporting system and the design of your group financial reporting to comply with accounting standards IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER, HGB, UBG, or OR. Our priority is the efficient implementation of an effective solution which is easily scalable as required.

Our services include:

  • Assignment of responsibilities
  • Definition of group reporting processes
  • Design of legally compliant reporting and reporting for group financial management
  • Design of your reporting package for data collection in group companies
  • Integration of management reporting (planning etc.) with legally compliant reporting
  • Evaluation of suitable consolidation software and assistance with its implementation

Your benefits

  • Efficient procedures due to the use of standard products
  • A professional, comprehensive and highly automated solution
  • Compliance with Internal Control System (ICS) requirements
  • A reasonably priced comprehensive solution

Do You Have Questions?

Please contact us for further information or arrange an appointment.