Design of group reporting


Establishment and expansion of the group reporting system, in particular the design of financial reporting in accordance with the accounting standards of IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER, HGB, UGB or OR.

The focus is on an efficient development/expansion of the overall solution for external and internal group reporting.

Together with you we solve the following tasks:

  • Assignment of competences and responsibilities
  • Design of the legal group reporting as well as the reporting for the financial group management
  • Defining the evaluations for the legal and group internal reports per reporting event (actual, preview, budget, plan) and period
  • Design of group chart of accounts and the required transaction types for movement tables
  • Integration of reporting for financial group management into legal group reporting
  • Evaluation and, if necessary, support in the introduction of suitable consolidation and reporting software


Benefit from our many years of experience in setting up and expanding group reporting systems and as an implementation partner for consolidation and reporting software products.

In the projects, we draw on our mature and widely used tools for the development and expansion of group accounting. Furthermore, we use our standard template solutions Premium Pre-designed Solution PPS™ (IFRS or HGB or UGB or Swiss GAAP FER) as a template for the definition of the group chart of accounts and the flow types as well as the detailed descriptions for the required consolidation measures.

The PPS™ are available in German and English.

In addition to the balance sheet and income statement, the PPS™ also include movement tables of all balance sheet items, a statement of changes in equity, a cash flow statement and information in the notes.

The scope of the PPS™ depends on the selected accounting standard (IFRS or HGB or UGB or Swiss GAAP FER).

Brochure Premium Pre-designed Solution PPS™

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