Consolidation and Reporting Software

For more than 30 years, we have been successfully implementing consolidation and reporting software products for corporate groups in all industries.

Our customers benefit from our long-standing experience as group auditors and implementation partners for consolidation and reporting software products, and our IT skills.

Usually, consolidation software products are “empty”, like Excel. These products need to be configured with appropriate parameters (or even programmed) before they can be used.

The fact that accounting standards frequently predefine the design of group accounting, prompted us to develop our “ready-to-use” template solutions Premium Pre-designed Solutions PPS™ for your legally compliant reporting.

PPS™ is the culmination of our expertise, business skills and IT acumen.

Premium Pre-designed Solutions PPS™ Functionality

Premium Pre-designed Solutions PPS™, based on SAP Financial Consolidation (SAP FC), are comprehensive template solutions for legally compliant reporting.

  • Accounting standards

    Accounting standards

    PPS™ is available for the following accounting standards:

    • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    • Swiss Accounting and Reporting Recommendations (Swiss GAAP FER)
    • Handelsgesetzbuch der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (HGB)
    • Unternehmensgesetzbuch der Republik Österreich (UGB)
    • Swiss Code of Obligations (OR)


  • Legal reporting requirements

    Legal reporting requirements

    PPS™ meets the requirements for the legally compliant reporting of the respective accounting standards. Customisations of management reports are possible to satisfy specific customer requirements.



  • Industries


    PPS™ serve as a basis for the following sectors: industry, trade, chemical and pharmaceutical, service, insurance, banking, real estate and public corporations.



  • Languages


    PPS™ and its user manuals are available in German and English.



  • Comprehensive documentation

    Comprehensive documentation

    PPS™ is comprehensively documented in its user manuals.


Your benefits with PPS™

… during implementation/project realisation

  • Professionally comprehensive solution

    Professionally comprehensive solution

    PPS™ include balance sheet, income statement, movement schedules for all balance sheet positions, statement of changes in equity, cash flow and explanatory notes. The scope of the functionality of PPS™ depends on the respective accounting standards.


  • Minimal project risks

    Minimal project risks

    The basis of our projects is our “ready-to-use” PPS™. From a business perspective, PPS™ meet the essential requirements of the selected accounting standard. During the implementation process, only customer specific requirements are adjusted.


  • Reliable estimation of project duration and costs

    Reliable estimation of project duration and costs

    The methodologies applied to our projects are highly standardised. This enables us to reliably estimate the project duration and costs.


  • Efficient completion of the project

    Efficient completion of the project

    The implementation of consolidation software products is one of our core services. Our employees are consolidation specialists with long-standing experience. Together with our standardised approach, this ensures an efficient and professional project outcome.


  • Reasonably priced and transparent

    Reasonably priced and transparent

    Using “ready-to-use” PPS™ ensures an efficient project procedure and thus keeps the project costs low. When evaluating the project costs, the scope of functionality utilized needs to be considered.

    You receive a comprehensively documented solution with minimal ongoing costs.


… in day-to-day operation

  • Faster processing

    Faster processing

    Due to the unrivalled high level of automation of PPS™, all consolidated reports are available within minutes. Routine calculation and entries, including cash flow statements by company, segment, and group level, are automatically processed. The consolidated statement of changes in equity is also automatically generated based upon data from the individual companies.


  • Transparency and traceability

    Transparency and traceability

    The algorithms built into PPS™ are comprehensively documented. Thereby meeting the requirements of the internal control system (ICS).

    For all values, on level individual company and consolidated level, PPS™ makes available general ledger accounts. These accounts show the composition of the balances per company.

  • Improved data quality

    Improved data quality

    The consolidated figures and information are checked for their consistency by the plausibility controls in PPS™. The controls carried out are clearly documented.

    Within minutes, you and your Auditor are assured of the accuracy of your financial reports.

  • Flexible analysis options

    Flexible analysis options

    PPS™ includes accurate verification for all consolidated figures. It is possible to create additional analyses using Excel-Link or other tools.


SAP Financial Consolidation

PPS™ is based on SAP Financial Consolidation (SAP FC).

Our evaluation of consolidation and reporting tools revealed that SAP FC is a very suitable software for the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

SAP FC has the following compelling advantages:

  • Stability


    SAP FC is a stable, widely used software product delivering optimal performance in practice.


  • Web-based data entry

    Web-based data entry

    Group companies either enter their data via web-based data entry screens/forms or data is transferred automatically from preceding third party accounting systems.


  • Intelligent database design

    Intelligent database design

    The intelligent database design distinguishes itself by its high degree of automation and thus ensures that the reported data is very quickly processed.


  • Transparency and traceability

    Transparency and traceability

    Data management of the consolidated figures is transparent and traceable (complying with all bookkeeping principles).


  • Flexibility


    SAP is freely parameterisable. Consequently, users have available considerable flexibility in terms of expansion of the software (e.g. implementation of control requirements and administration of an almost unlimited amount of information and data).

  • Scalability


    SAP FC grows with your group.


  • Reliability


    SAP is a reliable partner.


Customer satisfaction

Evaluation of Customer satisfaction (as at 1st January 2021)

Overall, 100 % of respondents would recommend Zanetti & Partners AG and PPS™ with a "YES".

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