Consolidation and Reporting Software

The selection of a suitable consolidation and reporting software is demanding and requires comprehensive knowledge of group accounting as well as a high affinity for IT. It is a business project.

As certified public accountants with many years of experience in the implementation of consolidation and reporting software products, we have the necessary knowledge to work with you to prepare informative decision-making bases for the selection of a professional IT solution for group financial reporting.

Furthermore, we support the preparation of the business specifications for the implementation of a professional software solution for group accounting and reporting. This is the core element for successful implementation of a project.

We have comprehensive standard template solutions for industrial, commercial, and service groups, the Premium Pre-designed Solution PPS™ (hereinafter referred to as PPS™), which we base such projects on.

Our PPS™ are not "starter kits". From a business perspective, they are "turnkey" standard solutions (see Design of group reporting).


Brochure Premium Pre-designed Solution PPS™


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