Andrea Zanetti

Swiss certified accountant, CEO

Mr Andrea Zanetti worked for nearly 30 years for KPMG Ltd Switzerland, mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy.

Mr Zanetti was audit partner for KPMG AG from 1996 until 2008. In 1988 he started supporting business groups of all sectors and sizes in the field of IT-based group reporting and group accounting.

In addition to his main professional activities, Mr Zanetti lectures at universities (including universities of applied sciences) and gives training courses in Switzerland and Germany. Furthermore, he has been a member of various boards of directors.

Jutta Fleischmann

Diplom-Kaufmann, Member of the Executive Committee

Ms Jutta Fleischmann, Diplom-Kaufmann worked for KPMG Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft AG for 15 years, mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

For more than 30 years, she has supported corporate groups of all sectors and sizes in the set-up and expansion of their group reporting. She has successfully implemented numerous consolidation and reporting software solutions. Moreover, Ms Fleischmann advises customers on technical questions concerning group accounting and reporting.

Furthermore, Ms. Fleischmann has led courses and training seminars in Germany and Switzerland.



All the members of our team have been with our company for many years and have extensive experience in the field of internal and external group financial reporting. They have mostly university degrees and/or are (Swiss) certified accountants. In addition, they have excellent knowledge concerning the functionalities and possibilities of consolidation and reporting software products. Due to systematic and continuous training, our employees’ know-how is always up-to-date.